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The Broward Bonsai Society had another great workshop with Ed Trout; see pictures here.  Read "A Conversation with Ed Trout" in the summer 2014 edition of Florida Bonsai Magazine distributed on-line to BSF members. 

Heidi attended FELAB 2014 in Puerto Rico and shared photos of the trees that were exhibited.  FELAB 2014 pictures

A complementary plant from the Broward Bonsai Society workshop on August 23rd.  We worked from a 'smorgasbord' of plants to make our designs.  See other photos from the workshop here.


(August 16, 1914 - May 19, 2004)

John Yoshio Naka would have celebrated his 100th birthday on August 16, 2014. He was instrumental in supporting and encouraging interest in bonsai in the United States and set the standards for bonsai in both the US and the world. An extensive biography of Mr. Naka, compiled by Robert Baran, can be found at: Phoenix Bonsai.  

News & Notes 2014


Broward Bonsai Society will have a workshop on accent plants on August 23, 2014 at the Flamingo Garden's classroom. The cost to participate will be $5 and includes a pot and plant material. more   (includes articles on and links to images of kusamono and complementary plants)

On July 12th, Mike Sullivan gave the Broward Bonsai Society a presentation on displaying bonsai.  It was educational as well as fun.  Mike set up a variety of combinations of trees, stands, companion plants, and stones-- some making a good display and some not; we learned much about display just seeing what worked and what didn't with Mike's expert commentary clearing up any questions.  See pictures from the presentation here.



Bonsai by Thomas Grimm

It’s a small tree that sits on my veranda,

swaying in the breeze to a poetic stanza.

I water it daily and twice when it’s hot.

I promised it love when first it was bought.

I pluck faded leaves and shape all its branches.

I am careful with its feed. I don’t take any chances. 

I share time alone with this little green guy,

sipping my coffee on the veranda outside.

So many times I speak under my breath,

like I know he is listening, unlike the rest.

When others are racing and running to and fro.

I sit and sip and watch bonsai grow.

A thought like a seed seems to root in my mind.

If one gives me pleasure two would be really fine.

Then three and then four until room for no more,

and I’ve a little green forest outside my front door.  



The Bud Shafer Memorial Bench 
at the Jim Smith Bonsai Gallery, Heathcote Botanical Gardens: Bench provided by donations from the Broward & Gold Coast Bonsai Societies.


A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a person perfected without trials.

Author Unknown

Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is an art form similar to painting, music, and sculpturing which provides each of us with an opportunity to demonstrate our creative expression and horticultural techniques.  Bonsai, translated literally from Japanese, means “tree in a pot”.  It can be considered 50% art form and 50% horticulture.

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